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Web Developer position at ShopItPress


Status: Open

Why Work With Us?

Attractive compensation

We believe in fair pay, the more you contribute, the more you will be compensated.

Location and schedule independent

Because life happens. Work on your own time, from anywhere.

Learning and development

Put your skills to the test, learn and grow without limitations.


You have your own voice. You work your own way. We foster independence.

Come join us in leading a change in the ecommerce software industry

Hello Web Devs!

Do you love coding and designing WordPress/WooCommerce plugins and themes?

Are you hungry for an opportunity to level up your skills on a variety of exciting projects? Do you want to take part in a visionary company that can transform ecommerce software?

If so, read on..

My name is Fran Sanchez. I am the founder of Shopitpress, a small WooCommerce plugins company that is set to transform the ecommerce software industry.

Here is the situation for anyone who want to set up an ecommerce website: Either you opt for done-it-for you services like Shopify or BigCommerce that will cost you a ton in fees and subscriptions, or you opt for do-it-yourself solutions like WooCommerce or Magento that while cheaper it will require a lot of technical know-how and configuration. A lot of people doesn’t have the big budget for done-it-for-you or the technical knowledge for do-it-yourself, so they can’t start their ecommerce business.

Shopitpress’ vision is to make ecommerce affordable and super easy to use. In other words, as easy as done-for-you and as affordable as do-it-yourself.

This will be accomplished by providing affordable services (store set up and configuration) as well as a one membership plan for most commonly needed ecommece plugins. With one affordable subscription and super easy to use software, we will bring the much needed solution the industry needs right now.

Shopipress has been around for some time and today it has hundreds of customers. However since it was started I didn’t had time to grow it because I was busy with other projects, the company is still small with only a handful of plugins available. As I have freed myself from other projects, I have decided to focus my efforts in growing Shopitpress and leading the growth of the company.

I am looking to hire one web dev to help me create new plugins. However, I need a special web dev for this positon, one that can make great code as well as a really good user interface. The perfect web dev for this position will have the following skills:

* Great command of PHP, CSS, HTML and Javascript language
* A good eye for design that can produce clean, beautiful, user friendly interfaces
* Good command of written English, great communication skills
* Some skills in graphic design as there may be some icons or basic graphics needed for these plugins
* A ton of drive, motivation, and initiative

And so, “what’s in it for me?” you may be thinking… I’m glad you asked!

* You will have freedom to create. I will guide you at the beginning, but you will eventually stand on your feet and do as you see fit. Everything you produce will be your proud work. You can come up with ideas about what we can release and work on them with freedom.
* You will grow professionally and acquire/improve skills. One thing is to create something that you have exact instructions for, and another thing is to have to think for yourself how to make plugins and themes other people would want to buy.
* Your salary will grow as the company grows. I believe in far pay, the more you contribute, the more you will get. You will be my partner in this!

Does it sound intriguing? Would you like to join me side-by-side and take Shopitpress to new heights?


If this position is of interest to you, please apply now:

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Thanks, and good luck!