About Shopitpress

Our mission is to help ecommerce website owners increase their conversion rate.

Our commitment is to develop plugins that leverage on the latests trends on consumer psychology and behaviour.

Meet the Shopitpress team

Fran Sanchez


Fran Sanchez graduated from University of Uppsala (Sweden) with a degree in molecular biology and Karolinska University (Sweden) with a degree in medical sciences and business. He then moved to Singapore to run ecommerce operations in a pharmaceutical company, until eventually he could fulfil his dream of creating Herbolab, a brand dedicated to help men reach their peak performance.

Drawing on his experience and passion for ecommerce, Fran envisioned several tools to improve the customer’s experience in an ecommerce website. Thus Shopitpress was born.

Muhammad Usman

Web Developer & Server Manager

Usman is an experienced PHP Developer with expertise in Custom WordPress Plugin & Theme Development. He is also expert at managing Linux servers.

Looking at the future

Shopitpress was founded with an idea to make cutting edge plugins for WooCommerce that leverage on research on consumer behaviour to increase conversions.Shopitpress will continue to identify and create innovative products while never losing sight of the ultimate goal: To be of service to our customer family.

Company culture

We don’t just sell WooCommerce plugins, we experience them. We love our customers, because we are customers. We live and breathe the products we create and will fight for the family of supporters that make our dream a possibility.