SIP Cookie Check for WooCommerce

  • Alert visitors when their cookies are disabled

  • Display in WooCommerce pages or anywhere

  • Highly customizable

According to, as many as 3% of internet users have cookies disabled in their web browser. Many of these users don’t even know their cookies are disabled.

WooCommerce uses cookies to function properly. If the user has cookies disabled, they won’t be able to add products to the cart and make transactions on your store. But the problem is that WooCommerce do not encourage users with disabled cookies to enable them to be able to shop. Sadly, as they try to shop in your store without success they might leave thinking there is a problem with your website.

This situation could have been avoided, and SIP Cookie Check for WooCommerce is here to help you solve it.

SIP Cookie Check for WooCommerce can help you increase sales without lifting a finger


SIP cookie check demo frontend

Encourage your visitors to enable cookies

Now you can effortlessly encourage your website visitors to enable cookies in order to make purchases. SIP Cooke Check for Woocommerce can be activated by default in all WooCommerce pages and also can be embedded in any post or page with a shortcode.

Match your own style

SIP Cookie Check for WooCommerce lets you easily customise the message users see when their cookies are disabled. You can also embed your own CSS instead of the plugin’s default.

SIP cookie check demo


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