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Victoria R Gabaldon asked 2 months ago

Hello, thank you for a GREAT article explaining this stuff.  Where can I find the plugin you mention here?
In this section “WooCommerce product variation swatches compatible with POD”:
“There is only one plugin that will create image variations automatically from local attributes, so you don’t need to edit every product. However this plugin supports only one attribute at the time (so if you want to use it for Tshirts that use size and color, you can’t). You can find the plugin here. I have modified this plugin and managed to make it work for multiple attributes for my store, though it may not work for everyone. If you would like to beta test it, drop a comment.”

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Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Victoria R Gabaldon,
Please give us your email and we will send you in a couple of days when we finish some development.

Victoria Gabaldon answered 2 months ago

Thank you!!!!!! Sooooo excited!  Appreciate you! [email protected]