Corvin Schwarzer asked 6 months ago

i don´t know why but the testmails aren´t send out when i hit the button. The animation appears for a short period of time.
I can send mails from other plugins of my wordpress installation without problems.
If you need, i can send you credentials via private message.
Thanks in advance!

Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff replied 6 months ago

I am going to closed you didn’t reply in two weeks.

3 Answers
Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff answered 6 months ago

Hi Corvin Schwarzer,
please share the screenshot of the mail body which have issue.

Alex Vu answered 6 months ago

I had the same issue Corvin, so i left it to be answered my the staff here.
Just going on it again after a few days and i noticed it worked. I wonder if there’s a little delay once you install it before it can work.
Anyways, try again in 24hour.
Now i got the rules not working issue. lol

Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff replied 6 months ago

Hi Alex Vu,
Please share the screenshot i will see if any issue there in the rule.

Corvin Schwarzer answered 6 months ago

Sorry for the late reply.
It works now but the e-mails doesn´t include any contend. I just see the footer and the header… Is that normal for test mails?

Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff replied 6 months ago

no, that is not normal.
best way to check make test order with matching rule.