Andrew Lavery asked 4 months ago

Hi, I have a couple suggestions/fixes for this plugin: There is no space between the reviewers name and (verified owner) Instead of having \”No products reviews\” output when there are no reviews, you could just have \”No product reviews\” as product can be singular of plural (one product or many products). This is slightly better English.  Adblocker in Chrome seems to be blocking the review output – the bit where it says 0 out of 5 and displays stars on the right – looks to be an issue with JQMIGRATE? Not sure if there is a simple fix for this. Finally, I can\’t add a review – you can view this on – htaccess is admin / n00dles and the user is [email protected] / slackware77 – I have put a menu item for test review in the top right hand corner for you to test.  Thanks,Andrew I am also having problems with     

Andrew Lavery replied 4 months ago

Even though I marked this as for me and admin only, it appears that this is available to the public. Please remove the credentials I supplied (they have been changed anyway and contact me for the new ones.

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Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff answered 4 months ago

Please send again credentials, as private post.

Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff replied 4 months ago

On that link i don’t find the reviews.
and can you give me temporary wp-admin access too.