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Russell Munger asked 3 months ago

I have actually 2 questions, for starters, the shortcode to display reviews is working perfectly, and in conjunction with Elementor. That is great for me, because I can drop the shortcode into the master single product template, leave the ID blank, and have all the reviews for that particular product shown.

Unfortunately, right below that section I am trying to use [woocommerce_review_form id=””] to display the form to submit reviews (I have the pro version) and no form is being generated, even if in the id=”” section, I insert a product ID, I am not seeing anything.
My second question, how does one go about manually adding reviews? We have migrated away from Magento and into WordPress recently and unfortunately our product reviews were not carried over. We wanted to recreate those reviews through this plugin and backdate them to the appropriate dates. Is any/all of this possible?

Thanks in advance!

2 Answers
Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Russell Munger,
Please check that option “Accept reviews from customers only” is check or not in setting page, if that option is check then review form only show to that customer who will buy the product.
Second no, it is not possible with our plugin

Russell Munger answered 3 months ago

Thanks so much for the answer, this seems to have solved it. I have to ask, is there a way that form can be edited? The plain version of it is really unappealing – do you know the file or filepath in which that form can be styled/changed?

Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff replied 3 months ago

What change you want in it?

Russell Munger replied 3 months ago

Just styling changes, right now it looks ugly/borderline unusable.

Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff replied 3 months ago

For the styling if you know about css, you can add custom css in your theme or wordpress custom css area.

Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff replied 3 months ago

File path is that /wp-content/plugins/sip-reviews-shortcode-pro-woocommerce/public/partials/plugin-form-shortcode-display.php
but we don’t recommend change in the file.