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Phyllis Lee asked 2 years ago

Thank you for your August 18, 2016 blog post on using Google Experiments to do split test on product pricing with WooCommerce:

How to split test your WooCommerce product prices using Google Content Experiments

I am wondering if this method can also maintain the price for individual user, so s/he will always see the same price during the entire experiment period, even after multiple return visits or sessions. If not, what is your recommendation for making that happen? what is the best way to go about it?
Thank you much in advance

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Fran Sanchez Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Phyllis,
Yes this methods maintains the price for the same user. Google analytics save a cookie so that it always show the same variation to the same user.
Best regards,

Phyllis Lee answered 2 years ago

Thank you Fran,
I just followed the instructions from the article to set up the whole thing. But both the original product and the variant product are still listed in the /shop/ page of the site — which means users can still get to both product pages. I feel like I am missing something here… am I suppose to do something on the site to make sure only one of the two shows up on the product list at random? for users without the GA Experiment cookie? How do I go about doing that? Any suggestions?
Thank you much