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christopher gilles asked 1 month ago

I’m wondering if/how it is possible to send a follow up email, no matter what the order status is.  right now I don’t see an intuitive way to accomplish this via the email setup page, only how to set one status per email.  Curious how to go about making sure a follow up email is sent regardless of order status.
Thanks much++

2 Answers
christopher gilles answered 1 month ago

To be clear, i\’m hoping to accomplish, sending a follow up email to customers who purchased a specific product, 24 hours after the product was ordered.  some order status might be processing, or completed, or on hold depending on what payment method they use. So how to go about always sending a follow up email after product is purchased, regardless of order status thanks much++

Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Hi christopher gilles,
Sorry we don’t have feature, you hav eneed to make rules for each order status.