CommunityCategory: SIP Advanced Email Rules for WooCommerceScheduled emails not being sent, automatically gets set to "pending"
Susanne Limnell asked 2 weeks ago

Since late october, my emails are not being sent automatically anymore, they just get set to status “pending”. I need to go in and click manually to get them to send. So the sending process it self works, just not the automated task(s).
I have the latest version of the plugin and wordpress/woocommerce, and no new plugins or installations has been made since it stopped working. I have my emails set up at a delay of 1 minute before sending, but they get stuck in pending until sent manually by me.
My initial thought was that this might have been caused by daylight savings time, so I tried changing the time on my WP installation, but to no avail.

1 Answers
Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff answered 6 days ago

Hi Susanne Limnell,
Please deactivate the plugin and then activate the plugin.