CommunityCategory: SIP Reviews Shortcode for WooCommerceReviews showing dropdown instead of stars
Wendy Hale asked 3 weeks ago

I have the pro version and on the reviews style 1 & 2, it shows a dropdown instead of stars. How do I fix this?  – Sample page on my development site

1 Answers
Macky M. Staff answered 7 days ago

Hello Wendy

Pardon for the delay in responding.
We tested the SIP Reviews Shortcode for WooCommerce plugin on a fresh install of WordPress 5.3.2 and WooCommerce 3.9.2, and the plugin displayed the stars on default.

Can you try deactivating your other plugins one by one and see if there is a conflict with any of them?

Let us know how it turns out so we can assist you further.