Justyna Domanska asked 2 months ago

So i have 144 5 star reviews in the agregated version it shows them all BUT the rating shown on top shows that i have only 11 rated reviews out of the 144 so it shows 0.11 out of 5 stars its like it detects only 11 reviews with 5 star rating where all 144 of them are 5 star.
I tried to use Fix review IDs and dates option in the settings but it did not help.

1 Answers
Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Justyna Domanska,
We are using WooCommerce function for that, may be your WooCommerce update miss recalculate each product reviews.
It can be fixed if you post comments on each product, if that not help then let me know i will check the issue.