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mark brewer asked 4 weeks ago

hello,   was wondering if you had any info on multiple seller accounts integrating with Woocommerce?   we have a client that wants to enable many artists to sell on her site. she does artist products (shirts, stickers, mugs and more) for support of autism.    she currently uses Printify, Printful, TeeLaunch and Kin Custom for all her different products.    these sites don’t make it possible for multiple users to post in one account. so we are trying to see if we can integrate multiple accounts all into one Woo store on her domain.    any thoughts?

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Macky M. Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Hello Mark

I am not sure of your inquiry. Please let us know which specific SIP plugin you refer your questions to.
Meanwhile, I can let you know that all of our plugins are working with the latest WooCommerce and WordPress versions, even with multiple user accounts. You just need to set the correct role in the user’s account settings to grant them access to whatever functions you need with our plugins.
Have a great day.