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Margit Saga asked 1 month ago

I see that you have others that have bought your plugin that had this problem. And the solution was to disable other plugins? Can’t do that. That means no shop site.
So why is your plugin not showing more that 5 reviews, when the the products have a lot more? 
We use  WP Super Cache, can that have anything to do with it? Need to exlude something there?
Just bought the plugin, and it’s not working as expected.

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Macky M. Staff answered 1 month ago

Hello Margit

We have tested SIP Reviews Shortcode for WooCommerce plugin with a fresh install of WordPress 5.3.2, WooCommerce 3.9.2 and WP Super Cache 1.7.1
and the plugins worked fine.

Can you supply us with a test page on your website so we can take a look?
And if you are fine with it, you can supply us with a temporary account to access your website via sending us an email on [email protected] or here as a private reply. We will try to look at the product and its reviews, the plugin settings, as well as other plugins that might have caused the conflict or in some rare cases, the theme your website is using.