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Anine Kierulf asked 1 year ago

Hello,   I just bought the SIP advanced SIP Advanced Email Rules for WooCommerce Pluh-in. When I tried to activate the licence key, it did not work. Can you please check this for me?   Please see screenshot attached.   Kind regards, Anine

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Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Anine Kierulf,
You api key is working fine on my end, Please disable your plugin and enable the plugin, then try to activate license key. If still it will not work then please give me temporary wp-admin access i will chek the issue. You can send me your site access as private by changing the option “only me & admin” instead of public.

Anine Kierulf replied 1 year ago

Hi Hazif. Thanks for your answer. I disabled the plugin and tried to activate the plug-in but it still does not work. is this the correct plug-in:? When I put the key in the textbox, I get a pop up with “invalid licence”. Also, when I updated Woocommerco to version 5.0, the whole webpage crashed due to this plug-in which I am afraid will happen again in the future. Why is this so?

Kind regards,

Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff replied 1 year ago

Why you have share key as public? now you are using wordpress 5.0 and our plugin is active or not? what issue you have face on updating the wordpress? please share the temporary wp-admin access so i can see the issue.

Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff replied 1 year ago

I have just update the one our development server to check issue, I did’t got any issue.