CommunityCategory: SIP Advanced Email Rules for WooCommerceIs it possible to not send an email if a certain product is ordered?
Dan S asked 2 months ago

I have a couple of products that are available for pre-order. Is it possible to set up a rule that will not send an email if a pre-order product is purchased?

3 Answers
Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Dan S,
Yes you can create a pre-order category, and make rule product does not contain pre-order category, then email will send only to that customer who purchase other products. 

Dan S answered 2 months ago

Thanks for the quick response. Here is how I have it set up. I just ran a test order that included a pre-order product (which has the category pre-order) and a regular product. Unfortunately, the email was still sent. Am I missing something?  

Dan S answered 2 months ago

Whoops! Nevermind. A small mistake on my end. I got it working now.  Thanks again!