CommunityCategory: SIP Reviews Shortcode for WooCommerceHow to turn off 'star rating is required'
Muhammad Bin Ibrahim asked 6 months ago

Hello, i bought the SIP plugin from codecanyon.
How to make it that the star rating is not a required field? 
I use the review firm shortcode and i didn’t find the way to make so that my customer can leave a review without star rating.
Thank you

2 Answers
Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff answered 6 months ago

Hi Muhammad Bin Ibrahim,
Sorry currently there id no feature to turn off reviews.
Out all clients are focus to display aggregate ratting.

Muhammad Bin Ibrahim replied 6 months ago

Are you kidding m? paid plugin has less option in than the default free one?
Can you just give me simple code to put in function.php to let me disable star rating, as what I can do in woocommerce default review setting? Can you at least give me that?

Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff replied 6 months ago

You can comment one line in the code

file path wp-content/⁨plugins/⁨sip-reviews-shortcode-pro-woocommerce-shopitpress/⁨public⁩/⁨partials⁩/plugin-form-shortcode-display.php
line number 74
like given below
/*if(rating == “”){alert(“Please select a rating”);return false;}*/

Muhammad Bin Ibrahim answered 6 months ago

But what should I do actually? should delete the line? Should I edit it? How should I edit it?

Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff replied 6 months ago

Simply you can open that in text editor, and delete that line. After saving the file please clear the cache.

Muhammad Bin Ibrahim replied 6 months ago

Ok, thank you