niren sewsanker asked 4 months ago

Hi Support
We just purchased the SIP Advanced Email Notification For Woocommerce plugin.
When setting up the emails, after saving a notification and going back to check it – the email disapears.
Any fix?

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Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi niren sewsanker,
From where you have bought the plugin shopitpress or codecanyon?
WordPress version?
WooCommerce version?
theme name ?

niren sewsanker replied 4 months ago

Purchased on codecanyon
Wordpress Version: 5.1.1
Woocommerce: Version 3.5.7
Theme: BeTheme

Please resolve urgently.


Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff replied 4 months ago

can you give me temporary wp-admin and ftp access so i can check issue on your server. it is working fine on my end.
you can send me that info as private message.

niren sewsanker answered 3 months ago

Hi I have setup a coupon on the backend but how does the customer get it? do i have to include anything the email? if so please show me an example. Thanks.

Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff replied 3 months ago

{{coupon1.code}}, {{coupon2.code}} => send multiple coupon
{{coupon1.expiry_date}}, {{coupon2.expiry_date}} => expiry date of coupon

You can use that shortcode in the email.

Coupon option
1 – Enable coupon for this follow-up email rule: Enable or disable coupon for this follow-up email rule.
2 – Coupon Name: You can set coupon name here. For example, If you will set coupon name “gift” then users will be received coupon name like “gift-wx12yz”, “gift-sd86rf”. That means it’s followed by this pattern: “coupon_name-[A2][N2][A2]” where A2 mean two alphabets and N2 mean two digits.
3 – Coupon expiry date: set coupon expiry date.
4 – Coupon type: Set coupon type here in Amount or Percentage.
5 – Apply before tax: If checked, the coupon should apply before calculating tax.
6 – Individual use: If checked, the coupon can not be used in with another coupon.
7 – Enable free shipping: If checked, the coupon can enable free-shipping.

niren sewsanker replied 3 months ago

Hi I did see this however do I apply it within the text of the email? can you send me a screenshot of one setup already?

Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff replied 3 months ago

Yes, you have need to use shortcode within the text of email.

like given below example.

HI {{customer_first_name}},
We are giving you 10% discount, please use the coupon {{coupon1.code}} it will expire in {{coupon1.expiry_date}} days.