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Alex Vu asked 5 months ago

RE: Sip advance email notification.
I downloaded the plugin from code canyon, everything was easy and straight forward.
Added new email notification, then published it. it saved and published.
Now when i tried to run a test email to my personal email address, nothing happened (no emails sent)
Tried running it as a bulk action/process sip email rule. Applied that and same thing. nothing happened.
Is there something interfering with the plugin?
Woocommerce orders are working fine, receiving email updates on orders but nothing from SIP email notifications.
Please help asap! 
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Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi Alex Vu,
Please share the screenshot of the rule which you have created.

Alex Vu answered 5 months ago

Hi Hafiz,
I’m only trying this one rule,
an email notification when an order is “on-hold”,  to remind my customer that they have placed an order and its currently on hold, and to ask them if they need help completing the order. This notification should be sent out 48 hours after the initial order status to “on-hold”.
I put it to 15 mins to test if it works and if it shows up into my personal email address when i place an order.     
Sip Rule #1

  1. The Test email did sent to my email address, that’s good. I know it does send out the email.
  2. WooCommerce/orders/bulk actions/ Process Sip email rule  does not work when i select some of my emails that are currently on-hold.
  3. After waiting over 15mins to see if the email notification was sent to my email address, i havn’t received any notification in either inbox or junk/spam


    Please let me know if i’m missing a step. Thx
Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff replied 5 months ago

What is the status in mail log tab?

Alex Vu replied 5 months ago

Is empty.

“No mail logs available.”

Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff replied 5 months ago

Please confirm that which rule you have created, matching order is exist or not? if yes then please give me temporary access, I will look the issue.

Alex Vu answered 5 months ago

Settings: do not log emails sent (unchecked)
Set cron job time in seconds  (60)

Alex Vu answered 4 months ago

Hi Hafiz.
I was able to get the rule to send an email, but not on the Scheduled send time.
Mail logs 1 – 7, the payment reminder email was sent to both the “send copy to email” and “send email to customer” during the “created time” not the “Scheduled Send Time.” This was tested immediately after i made the rule.
Mail logs 8-10, i figure maybe i needed to log out of woo-commerce and log back in for the plugin to reset and trigger the scheduled send time to send out at the right time. Unfortunately this only half worked.  The payment reminder email does not send out during the “Created Time” anymore, however, it wont send out at the “Scheduled send time” either (3 mins later).  The status is now set on “pending” instead of “sent” like in mail logs 1-7

I figure “pending” is waiting for the “scheduled send time” to hit so it can trigger the email to send. That time has long past and it is still “pending”  
My conditions haven’t changed:

The only thing i can possible see that might be a factor is that my woocommerce setting is currently set to vancouver, bc (PST) and the mail log time is set in (UTC) time. Can that be what’s messing up the schedule send time??? idk
Thanks in advance

Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff replied 4 months ago

is email is still pending?

Alex Vu answered 4 months ago

Yes still pending, i just checked now…