CommunityCategory: SIP Reviews Shortcode for WooCommerceDoes pro support submit form shortcode including uplaod image?
Yong Lee asked 3 weeks ago

I am wondering whether pro supports woocommerce submit form including upload image option?

2 Answers
Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Yong Lee,
Our Plugin does not support image uploading.

Daniel Majstorovic replied 2 weeks ago

how can i add the submit form? i have only the reviews. (Pro Version)

Hafiz Muhammad Usman Staff answered 6 days ago

Form shortcode
This will display the submit review form of any product ID you specify so that users can submit their own reviews from the front end. If the setting “Accept reviews from customers only” is enabled, only logged in users who purchased the product can submit reviews. If you want everyone to be able to submit a review, please de-select this option.

[woocommerce_review_form id="56"]