Bruno Roche asked 1 month ago

Please look at this page


Where I use the shortcode: [woocommerce_reviews_aggregate id=”all” no_of_reviews=”1″] The plugin seems to have a display bug (I use the latest 1.5.4 version):

  • On Chrome, the “read more” link within the reviews is not working
  • On Firefox, there’s some weird stuff showing up.

Could you please fix it?

3 Answers
Macky M. Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hello Bruno

Can you take a screenshot of your SIP Reviews plugin settings and paste it here?

We tested our latest build of the plugin on a fresh install of WordPress and we are unable to replicate your issue.
Please check your test page as it looked like you had multiple instances of the shortcode there and the first one having the wrong syntax might have caused the issues.

Also, consider turning off your plugin one-by-one and reloading the test page as it might have been caused by a conflict in one of your other plugins.

Let us know how it turns out so we may assist you better.

Bruno Roche answered 2 weeks ago

Sorry for my late answer it seems I don’t get any notifications when you reply to this topic.
Please find attached a screenshot of the settings:
And the screenshot of the admin page:
Thanks for your help!

Bruno Roche answered 2 weeks ago

I found the plugin responsable for the big Load More button to not work. It’s WP Fastest Cache. If I disable the option “Combine JS”, the display is good again. This problem only shows up in Firefox though. In Chrome, this setting doesn’t affect the display.
Now the “Read more” link within the review is still not working even if Fastest cache is disabled.

Macky M. Staff replied 1 week ago

If it works properly in Firefox now that you have disabled the caching plugin, it might also work in Chrome.
Please try doing a hard refresh (ctrl + f5) to refresh your browser cache and check it again.