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The Best WooCommerce CRM Solutions for Store Owners

By June 27, 2016Selling online

Who/What is the most important part of your business?

If you said customers, you are absolutely right. Customer is an indispensable part which every business must have.

And therefore, it is not surprising to see different types of customer management tools available for businesses. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are one of these special tools for managing your customers.

In this age of internet, if you want to attract and retain customers in your business, there is no alternative to using CRM. And if your business is based on online, it becomes a must for you. In today’s post, I will introduce you to the best CRM software for WooCommerce websites.

But before we do that, let’s take a quick look at what CRM software can do for a business. If you are already familiar with the benefits, feel free to jump to the next section.

Why Do You Need CRM Software?

Keep Track of Your Customers

Keeping a regularly updated list of your customers is a must for any business. Once a customer has purchased something from your company, you need to send him further updates about the relevant products, promotions or offers.

What about the leads who haven’t bought anything from you yet? Well, you need to keep them warm. You need to assign different categories to your lead and customer depending on their activity.

Having access to a CRM solution makes all these things a lot easier. Instead of using complex excel sheets, setting up a CRM will save you a lot of time and resources in the future.

Tracking the Customer Interactions

Performance and personalization are two of the key elements in modern sales techniques. And using a CRM makes both of these tasks easier. In the traditional ways, you’ll have to search through your records to find out the previous communication details for a specific customer.

If you don’t do this carefully, it can happen that you have sent the same offer or promotion multiple times to the same customer, which could be very annoying for them. When you use a professional CRM solution, you will have detailed records of all the communications with that customer. You can instantly get the previous history and start where you left off.

Help You Get Better RoI

The benefits of using a CRM are not limited to collecting individual customer details only. Rather, the collective information of your customers could be an excellent resource to find out the performance of your current business policies. This valuable customer insight will be incredibly helpful to detect potential future trends and formulate the necessary strategies.

Additionally, the collective data could also be invaluable for your sales and marketing team. For example, if the RoI is noticeably higher in a specific demography, you can provide extra attention on that area during your next campaign. With in-depth knowledge about the buying pattern of your customers, it is also possible to improve your checkout process to increase the conversion rate.

Best Native WooCommerce CRM Solutions

Along with the ones mentioned above, there are lots of other important benefits of using CRM for your business. The best way to know more about these benefits is to start using a CRM solution and see for yourself. And therefore, let’s take a look at the best CRM solutions for your WooCommerce site.

1. Agile CRMAgile CRM

Agile CRM is one of the most popular CRM tools available for regular users. This excellent tool offers all the necessary tools for managing your customers, creating and implementing efficient workflow, ensuring the perfect customer engagement etc.

The powerful options allow you to gather all the necessary information about your customers. You can categorize the customers according to the tags and perform various bulk actions. The dashboard also allows you to sync contact data, fetch the social media information and add various events or tasks for your customers.

As Agile CRM supports behavior-based smart campaigns, you can set up effective plans for different stages and conditions of your campaign. By utilizing these innovative features, you can enjoy additional benefits like following up with existing shoppers, promote seasonal offers, offer holiday campaigns, reduce cart abandonment rate etc.

When using the agile CRM, you won’t have to use any additional pop-up plugins. The integrated options allow you to display cleverly designed pop-ups on different pages like the product page, category page, check out etc. Depending on the page type, you can include offers, coupons and promotions in the pop-ups. It also supports exit-intent pop-ups.

The built-in activity trackers of the CRM will come in handy for analyzing the browsing activity of the customers. By understanding the interest and usage pattern, you can easily offer preset customized offers to increase the conversion. You can also receive instant notifications for various events happening on your website.

Agile has a dedicated WordPress plugin for proper integration with WooCommerce. The tool is free for 2 users. There are three premium packages with additional features.

2. WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager

WooCommerce Customer Relationship ManagerWooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager is a professionally developed CRM solution for WordPress. This dedicated tool comes with all the necessary options for ensuring the best customer management strategy.

The plugin makes it very easy to add new customers with the click of a button. Beesides the already existing fields like name, address, contact details, social media accounts, it is also possible to add custom fields for the customers. With integrated Google Maps support, you can easily keep track of the customer’s location as well.

Different customer status is an interesting feature of this CRM plugin. With this feature, you can distinguish your customers by favorite, prospect, follow-up, lead, customer, flagged, blocked etc. You can assign the status on per-user basis or use the bulk option feature. It is possible to export a specific group of customers via CSV files. Additionally, you can also import customer lists from external sources. What’s more, the plugin works seamlessly with your existing customers. Anyone who has made a purchase through your WooCommerce site will be automatically assigned a ‘customer’ status.

The plugin allows your customers to leave notes with their orders. This would be useful in specifying the size, color or other special attributes when ordering a product. You can view all the orders of a customer by going to the profile page. It is also possible to view the summary or detailed information about their financial activities.

When using this excellent CRM plugin, it is very easy to communicate with your customers. You can send individual or bulk emails right from your website. The message body could be fully customized by using the WordPress post editor.

The CRM plugin is fully compatible with MailChimp, WooCommerce subscriptions, Advanced Custom Fields, WPML and WordPress multisite. You can get it for $55.

3. Sales Autopilot

Sales AutopilotSales Autopilot is a well-known CRM solution for small to medium size business. With a dedicated WordPress plugin, it offers a simple way to integrate the CRM solution with your WooCommerce website. After installing and activating the plugin, you will find a new tab titled ‘Integration’ in the WooCommerce > Settings page. More information about setting up the integration is available here.

The tool comes with various features in the fields of marketing, sales, communication and customer support. As Sales Autopilot originally started as an email marketing service, it offers superior email solutions. They also take pride in having an impressive rate of success in sending the emails to the inbox rather than the spam folder of your customers.

Sales Autopilot is also provided with various features for handling customer acquisition, trust building, sales, follow-up, and customer service. As a result, you won’t have to purchase any additional service t manage these tasks.

The simple but effective data collection features will help you offer more targeted campaigns for your customers. You can set up specific patterns which will be triggered on preset situations.

There is a free trial which includes all the options but limited to 400 emails. You can add 1,000 more emails by paying $12. The Pro version is priced at $19 per month, which comes with 2,000 emails by default.

4. Metrilo

MetriloMetrilo is a powerful CRM solution with several marketing tools for any type of business. It starts tracking a visitor once they enter the site and record the browsing activity. You can assign the built-in or custom tags to differentiate various types of visitors. The profile page will provide detailed information about the actions, orders and products of a specific customer. It is also possible to import customers from external sources.

The CRM comes with some unique and intuitive email marketing options. For instance, you can send bulk emails to those customers who have been inactive for a specific period of time. You can apply filters like the inactivity period, number of orders etc. to specify customer groups.

The smart activity tracking features will help you regain the potential customers who abandoned somewhere between the buying process. You can also track the performance of various promotions and campaigns from the dashboard.

Providing visual overview of the product buying process is another notable feature of Metrilo. This feature allows you to identify the weakest points and take necessary steps to improve their performance.

You will also find options to track the performance of individual products. Therefore, if a specific product leads to another product, or a product has higher cart abandonment rate, you can easily detect them and take necessary actions.

Metrilo offers a free trial which includes 14 days access to all premium features. There are four premium packages ranging from small business to enterprise level facilities.

5. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaignActiveCampaign is another major CRM service provider for various businesses. With a dedicated integration system for WooCommerce, this tool could be very important in acquiring, retaining and nurturing customers for your business. The advanced customer management options will help you in integrating and automating the email, marketing and sales processes.

Various dynamic features of ActiveCampaign allow you to increase the overall performance of your sales team. You can set up predefined actions according to the actions, browsing pattern, browsing duration of the customers. The combination of automated and manual approaches will ensure the best possible conversion of your prospects.

ActiveCampaign also comes with powerful options for managing your existing and new customers. The tool will automatically save the contact information, activities, notes, deals and events for each customer. It is also possible to import your current customer list from other sources.

You can find specific customers by applying a diverse range of filters. The detailed record of the behavioral actions of your customers will help you come up with better and more attractive offerings for them.

As the tool allows you to track your sales funnel in real time, you can easily find out the performance of various stages of the process. With the help of this data, it is possible to create customized sales funnels to get more conversions from your prospects. What’s more, you can set up triggers to send automatic emails based on different user actions, behavior or interests.

ActiveCampaign offers three plans – Lite, Small Business and Enterprise. Check out the pricing page to know more about the feature of each plan.

Best WooCommerce CRM with Zapier Integration

So far, I have discussed about the CRM tools that have their own WooCommerce integration. Now, let’s take a look at the other popular CRM solutions which could be integrated in your WooCommerce site by using Zapier. In this method, you will choose a trigger and action and Zapier will integrate them for you.

1. Zoho WooCommerce

WooCommerce-ZohoThis zap integrates Zoho, one of the most popular CRM service with WooCommerce. It will be very useful in identifying the complete sales cycle and finding areas which need improvement. The available triggers include when a user registers through the account page or the checkout page, changes the order status, or puts a new order.

For any of these triggers, you can set various actions in Zoho. Some examples include creating a new contact, updating an existing contact, creating or updating modules, leads, events etc. Zoho enables you to focus on the more prospectus activity and browsing behaviors. It is also possible to connect with your customer through different channels.

2. Salesforce WooCommerce

This zap allows you to connect Salesforce CRM with your WooCommerce site. The actions could be triggered when a customer registers in your site, places a new order or changes the status of an existing order.

Based on these triggers, you can choose the triggers from Salesforce. Some popular choices include creating a new account, case, task, lead, note, contact etc. It is also possible to update an existing contact, lead or opportunity.

3. SugarCRM WooCommerce

WooCommerce-SugarCRMThis zap allows you to integrate the powerful SugarCRM into your WooCommerce site. The available triggers include new customer registration, placing a new order, changing the status of an order etc. For these triggers, you can choose various actions including creating a new case, task, lead, contact, user, entry or opportunity.

SugarCRM provides intelligent options for optimizing the sales, marketing, service and analytics of your e-commerce site. The innovative user interface of the platform allows you to maintain a consistent communication with your customers. With support for different types of automated workflows, you can set up plans and rest assured they will be executed accordingly.

4. Microsoft Dynamics WooCommerce

If you want to integrate Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM with your WooCommerce site, this is the zap you are looking for. It allows you to choose the common WooCommerce triggers like registering a new account, placing a new order, changing the order status etc. On the other hand, the available actions include creating a new lead, contact or account.

Microsoft Dynamics comes with excellent customer retention and engagement features. This user-friendly CRM allows you to improve your sales, marketing and customer service tasks. You can use the solution from the cloud, install it locally or choose a hybrid method. What’s more, this CRM tool comes with complete mobile support as well.

5. Infusionsoft WooCommerce

WooCommerce-InfusionsoftThis handy zap will connect Infusionsoft CRM with your WooCommerce-powered online shop. As usual, you can choose any of the triggers like a new user registration, a new order, update to an existing order etc. Based on these triggers, it is possible to choose actions like creating contact, product, company, tagging existing company, sending email etc.

With its excellent customer engagement options, Infusionsoft can definitely help you in capturing more leads. It will also help you track and update the sales process to boost your conversion rate. The powerful segmentation features will allow you to deliver the right messages to the right people according to various criteria like payment history, demographic, purchases, email clicks etc.

Final Words

As I have said in the beginning, it is almost impossible to build a successful online business without using CRM software. Along with making most of the business processes automatic, these specialized tools make it a lot easier for you to attract more customers.

Now that you know about the bes tWooCommerce CRM tools, which one looks the most interesting to you? Don’t forget to let me know which one you picked.