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15 Beautifully Designed WooCommerce Store Examples

By July 17, 2015Selling online

The design of your e-commerce site has a major impact on your visitors. A clean, professionally designed site can help you in getting more customers and building up your brand. However, it is not an easy task to design such e-commerce sites.

When it comes to e-commerce designs, it feels so tempting to flood the home page with loads of product images, ratings, reviews and the likes. In reality, such home pages work for established brands only. If you are new to the business, having a unique, beautiful design is a must for you.

To give you some inspiration about the latest trends in the e-commerce websites, I have gathered 15 beautiful sites that are powered by WooCommerce. All of these sites have an excellent design and focus on providing a superior user experience.

1. J. Hornig

J. Hornig

This is the website of a premium coffee roaster. The simplistic design of the online store features great details and a fully customized user interface. The powerful CTA text illustrates that J. Hornig knows their customers very well.

2. Dineamic


Dineamic is a fast food shop which uses fresh ingredients. The attractive slideshow on the front page illustrates some of the best features of Dineamic. Below, you will find a symmetric collaboration of the blog and a selection of dishes.

3. Buddhi Baby

Buddhi Baby

Buddhi Baby aims at simplifying the complex shopping process of moms and babies by offering carefully chosen gift boxes. Besides the gift boxes, you can purchase individual items too. The simple, beautiful site makes it very easy for anyone to shop for their desired products.

4. Picky Bars

Picky Bars

This website sells energy bars and other relevant accessories for active individuals. Along with the chocolate bars, it also offers a customized subscription offer. The font, color and the use of white space have increased the overall appeal of the site.

5. Edible Blossoms

Edible Blossoms

Featuring attractive images of its products on the home page, Edible Blossoms is another nice website powered by WooCommerce. The large slider displays some of their most popular products. This is the perfect example of a simple but useful online store.

6. Yousli


Yousli serves muesli, both readymade and your own blend. The stunning photographs used in the home screen slideshow motivate the visitors to take action. You will also find all the relevant links and information in the front page.

7. Over Clothing

Over Clothing

Despite the name, Over Clothing does not clatter the home page with hundreds of products images, ratings and reviews like the traditional online clothing stores. The simple and elegant design of the site is bound to leave a lasting impact on the visitors.

8. The Nautical Mind

The Nautical Mind

This rather long website is a specialized online store. This one sells marine books and charts. The home page includes two rows of featured books, essential charts and the latest blog posts. The niche site also comes with an interesting color scheme.

9. Jack Rudy Cocktail Co

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co

The elegant design of the Jack Rudy Cocktail Co’s website includes only a few things. The main focus is on the products, which is a great way to keep the customers concentrated. The high quality product images and the straightforward navigation options will definitely provide a superior user experience.

10. Dark Horse

Dark Horse

Dark Horse is a furniture company which specializes in modern, beautiful designs for its products. HD images and the full screen slideshow on the home page show off some of the most popular furniture of the company.

11. Joco Cups

Joco Cups

With a unique idea, Joco Cups is another excellent e-commerce site powered by WooCommerce. The website promotes environment-friendly glass coffee cups. The home page features a slideshow of the available products and features.

12. LoveShopShare


While this is an online clothing store, the LoveShopShare website looks almost like a fashion blog. The high quality images and the stylish font have created an uncommon look for an e-commerce site. However, you will feel more at home at the dedicated shop page.

13. Fitger’s Brewhouse

Fitger’s Brewhouse

Fitger’s Brewhouse sells different types of merchandise in their website. The use of bright colors and an accompanying font have made the website more attractive. Besides the dedicated store page, there is also a ‘Featured Merchandise’ section in the front page.

14. Judith Hobby Clothing

Judith Hobby Clothing

With a unique mix of traditional and creative ideas, Judith Hobby Clothing is a gorgeous-looking e-commerce site which is powered by WooCommerce. The interesting hover effect, full body product display and the eye-catching slideshow are some of the best features of this design.

15. Arrow Leather Works

Arrow Leather Works

Arrow Leather Works sells naturally designed leather products. The WooCommerce site has a medium-sized slider on the top and some image links at the bottom, that’s it. The simple, minimal website is provided with all the necessary design elements.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a professional design can invoke a sense of positivity and reliability among the visitors. A well-designed website means the company is serious about the business. Customers always look forward to build long-term relationship with such businesses.

So, what do you think about the design of these sites? Let me know in the comments. And if you have any other WooCommerce-powered site which also looks nice, please share the URL by leaving a comment below.