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20 timesaving Woocommerce Zapier integrations

By June 23, 2015Productivity

If you own an e-commerce site, you definitely know how many things you need to take care of. And in the modern days, most of these activities involve using third-party apps and integrations. From shipping service to order placement, customer service and employee management, you can make your life easier by using the third-party apps.

However, it is very hard to unify the whole process through all these services and apps on your own. And the more apps and services you use, the harder it becomes. So, isn’t there any solution? Luckily, there is.

Meet Zapier. This excellent business tool integrates more than 150 SaaS tools and lets you transfer data back and forth between them. And Zapier perfectly integrates with WooCommerce too. In today’s article, I will show you the top 20 timesaving WooCommerce Zapier integrations.

Before you start going through the list, let me remind you that you need to purchase the WooCommerce Zapier extension in order to use any Zapier service. Once you have purchased and configured Zapier for your WooCommerce site, you can enjoy the services. It is important to note that some of these services might require you to purchase a Zapier subscription, though some others you can use with the free plan.

Top WooCommerce Zapier integrations

1. Add Customers to a Mailing List
MailChimp is one of the most popular email list management services currently available. Zapier lets you add new customers from your e-commerce site to MailChimp lists or add them into the subscriber list. Besides MailChimp, Zapier also supports ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Mandrill, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, Constant Content etc.

2. Add WooCommerce Customers to a CRM
When you are running an e-commerce site, you need to track each sale you have made and follow up on that customer. Zoho CRM could be an excellent tool for that purpose. This integration will automatically copy the new sale information into Zoho. It is also possible to track the customers who have just signed up.

3. Email New WooCommerce Customers
If you have other projects or tasks to take care of, it is not possible to keep track of all the activities taking place in your e-commerce site. In these scenarios, this zap will be very useful. By combining WooCommerce with Gmail, you can get instant notification about various activities like a new order, new registration, order status change etc.

4. Add E-commerce Sales to Your Accounting Software
For any business, you need a reliable solution for tracking your expenses and other account related tasks. Xero is a popular service for that purpose. By using this zap, you will be able to connect your WooCommerce powered site with Xero. You can create new contact in Xero for your new customers or create new invoice for the new orders.

5. Keep in touch with your co-workers
Slack is one of the most popular online-based communication systems currently available. You can use this excellent tool to keep in touch with the co-workers/employees of your e-commerce site. Besides the existing zap to post new orders in Slack, you can also create customized zaps for your other needs.

6. Get Custom Email Notifications
If you want to get or send customized email notifications, you should use this zap. Besides sending or receiving emails to or from your email address, you can also use your own IMAP or SMTP powered email server(s). By using this zap, you can set various conditions like when a new order is placed, when an order is changes to a specific status etc.

7. WooCommerce Order SMS Notifications
This zap makes it very easy to keep track of your e-commerce site right from your mobile. It is possible to send text messages to the customers too. You can choose the existing zaps which allow you to send messages when an order is paid for, or changed the status, or notify the customers that their items are ready to pick up.

8. Create GetResponse Contacts
If you have ever wished for a system which integrates your e-commerce site with GetResponse, here’s the solution for you. By combining WooCommerce and GetResponse, this zap lets you send custom email newsletters, run an auto-responder series, online surveys or campaigns etc.

9. Add New Customers to GTalk
This useful zap lets you connect WooCommerce and Gtalk in a single package. Besides the basic contact feature, Gtalk also allows you to receive instant notifications from your e-commerce site. You can set triggers for various events including a new order, new registration and order status change.

10. Append New Orders to a Dropbox Text File
And here’s a zap which combines the leaders of e-commerce and note taking services for you. By using this zap, you can keep track of users by automatically adding a new line to an existing CSV file in Dropbox or create new text files whenever a new order is placed in your website. It is also possible to create customized zaps.

11. Add New Orders in HubSpot
If you want to collect detailed contact information of your customers, this is the zap you are looking for. There is already a zap which lets you collect the contact information, while another one lets you save new customers in HubSpot. You can also create calendar tasks, post social media messages and add events based on various activities in your e-commerce site.

12. Create Android Notifications
This excellent zap lets you receive instant notifications directly in your Android smartphone. You can choose to get notifications whenever a new order is placed, an order status is changed or a new customer has registered in your WooCommerce powered website.

13. Make New Orders Create a File/Folder in Google Drive
Google Drive is a wonderful source for storing all your business files and data. And this useful zap lets you connect Google Drive with WooCommerce. You can choose to create a new folder, copy a file from your website and upload it to a folder, create a text file for new orders etc.

14. Manage Customer Service
Maintaining an excellent customer service is one of the main pre-requisites for building a successful business. By using this zap, you can make sure that the customers are getting the best quality service from your online store. Depending on the activities, you can create and update a new user, request or topic.

15. Add New WooCommerce Order to Freshbooks
Freshbooks is a very useful service for managing your expenses, tracking the time and auto-invoicing clients. And this zap lets you connect the service with your e-commerce website. You can choose to create a new Freshbooks client when a customer places an order in your online store. It is also possible to create new project, product, task, invoice, estimate etc.

16. Send Fax Messages through Phaxio
If you need to send and receive fax messages for your e-commerce business, this zap will be very helpful for you. This app lets you send and receive fax to and from a phone number with a pay as you go rate. It is possible to use the service for sending fax messages when a new customer has registered, an order is placed or an order is changed.

17. Create Podio Tasks for New Orders
Podio is a very popular online service for team management. And if you want to use this excellent tool to manage your WooCommerce store, you can do that by using this zap. Depending on the activities in your website, you can choose to create a status, an item or a task in your Podio app.

18. Get Push Notifications
By using Pushover, you can easily send push notification to any iOS or Android device. And this special zap lets you connect your e-commerce site with Pushover to get alerts about the latest activities in your store. There is already an existing zap for sending notifications for each sale.

19. Make New Orders to Create QuickBooks Sales Receipts
QuickBooks Online is the online version of the highly popular QuickBooks accounting packages. And by using this zap, you can add new orders of your WooCommerce store as new customers in QuickBooks and create automated sales receipts for the orders. Besides these, you can create new vendors, bills and checks too.

20. Create New Salesforce Lead for New Orders
This popular zap lets you connect your WooCommerce store with Salesforce, one of the most popular CRM applications in the world. You will find separate zaps to add new orders as leads and add new accounts, tasks, events, notes, contacts and documents for your customers.

Final Words

So, these are the top zappier integration modules that let you save a significant portion of your time and concentrate on other important tasks of your business.

Which zap(s) do you like the most? Do you use any of these zaps already?

And did I miss any of your favorite timesaving zaps for e-commerce websites? Let me know in the comments.