WooCommerce QuickBooks and Xero Accounting Software Integration

Even if you have the budget to hire a professional accountant, the lack of basic accounting knowledge would make you susceptible to fraud by so called “professionals”. Also, keeping track of money flows and having a good basis in accounting makes good business sense for owners of both small and large businesses. In many ultimately unsuccessful … Read more

WooCommerce Hosting Guide

Why WordPress+WooCommerce for eCommerce? Beginners to the field of online businesses often ask the question that “Why WordPress?” The answer is simple. Because it’s very simple and scalable according to the needs of the business. In the beginning WordPress was introduced as Blogging Platform and some people still think that it is being used for blogging … Read more

Setting up WooCommerce cart and checkout on same page

]Although most shopping cart solutions default behaviour is to direct customers to the shopping cart before continuing to checkout (like WooCommerce), some store owners might prefer to have both on the same page. This particular set up offer some benefits, which we will review later. However, keep in mind that there are some drawbacks, mostly … Read more

20 timesaving Woocommerce Zapier integrations

If you own an e-commerce site, you definitely know how many things you need to take care of. And in the modern days, most of these activities involve using third-party apps and integrations. From shipping service to order placement, customer service and employee management, you can make your life easier by using the third-party apps. … Read more