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Best WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins (free and paid) features compared

By December 17, 2020How to guides

No one wants to miss out any important details. Just thinking about sorting your orders, managing emails, attachment, print, download, endless customization, not to mention the fancy templates to make your invoices professional looking is not an easy task.


Therefore, let’s make it EASIER! WooCommerce PDF Invoices is what you need. Let’s start!


What is WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Why should you use it?

Saves you from headaches

With the help of this WooCommerce extension, you can create PDF Invoices that automates the invoicing process by generating and sending it to your customers. It contains the transaction and payment details, seller and customer contact information. Maintain records and even build trust with your buyers by creating your company logo, use clean templates or bring your plain document to life by adding colors and font varieties.


Having a WooCommerce store is a lot of work thus it’s time-consuming but you don’t have to worry. It is why using PDF Invoices is important. Here, we give you the WooCommerce PDF Invoices main features:

  • Automatic Invoice Generation
  • Automatic Invoice Attachment, including Third Party Plugins
  • Bulk PDF Invoice Generation and Export
  • Buyer and Seller’s Information
  • Customizations at your comfort
  • Creates Proforma and Credit Notes
  • Display Mode
  • Detects Currency
  • Manual Setup
  • Multilingual Support/WPML
  • Sequential Invoice Numbering
  • Tax Details
  • WooCommerce Subscription Compatibility


For more detailed plugins and features, we created a comparison guide for you. It contains mouthful plugins, the company details, attached links, documentation, free versions and price ranges. Take your time and have a complete feature comparison with just a few mouse scrolling, enjoy! PDF Invoices Plugins In-Depth Features

Which WooCommerce PDF Invoices plugin should you choose?

PDF Invoices plugins round up

Whether you have a low budget, looking for an easy to use plugin or want to upgrade your WooCommerce PDF Invoices with more features and  flexibility, below are the best plugins based on what you need.



Not only WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes and Shipping Labels by Your Inspiration Solutions, S.L.U is an all around plugin for PDF Invoices, it has a great deal of free features. Some companies also offer automation, customization, sequential numbering, PDF downloads and exporting PDF Invoices for free but what special on Your Inspiration Solutions, S.L.U plugin is among the rest it offers free printing that is not supported by most free plugins or its paid. You can even allow customers to print a copy of their invoice more so configure the base ship from address and preview invoice per order.



Out of the paid plugins we recommend WooCommerce PDF Invoice by RightPress. For only $16.50 you will get all the main features of the PDF invoice plugin, the only downside is it doesn’t support Multilingual/WPML/Loco Translate. But in contrast with other inexpensive plugins, WooCommerce PDF Invoice by RightPress has two types of Invoices namely Regular and Proforma invoices.



Whether you’re new or you have been doing WooCommerce for a long time, it will be time saving to have a very easy to use PDF Invoices plugin which WooCommerce PDF Invoices by Bas Elbers offers. According to our research it has received good reviews for $58.10 – $118.58. If you would like to try it first they also offer a Free Version and maybe you could be one of their customers to leave them good feedback. Also, we’re just quickly going to mention that one aspect of this plugin that separates from the other is that you could connect your PDF Invoices to third party plugins like Google Drive, Egnyyte, Dropbox and OneDrive. Enjoy managing your invoices wherever you go!



Woo Invoice Pro by WebAppick – $49.00 – $745.00. – This plugin is wealthy with features that will give you full control of your PDF Invoices. You’re going to spend quite some money but it will be worth it. We dig deep the internet for the best quality PDF Invoices with reasonable cost. Most of the TOP PDF INVOICES articles you will read online will not include this on their list and we understand why. You as a WooCommerce shop owner won’t want to spend a lot especially if you’re just starting and learning more about how to automate and configure your invoices. But, anytime you’re ready and want to upgrade your PDF Invoices with more flexibility, this is for you.


Final Thoughts

Well done! You’re ready to run your PDF Invoices smoothly by automating and generating it with just one click. We also have listed websites that offer FREE VERSION of this Plugin, you may start from there and see how it goes for you then just UPGRADE based on your likings whenever you want. Feel free to always come back on this blog anytime you need additional information about PDF Invoices. Go ahead! Download or Add to Cart one of these Plugins now!